Gap Year in Fiji

Award Winning Gap Year Projects to Fiji
A Life-Changing Adventure Filled with Culture, Connection & Contribution

Thinking about a gap year to Fiji?  Great idea, you’ve taken the first step on an amazing experience you’ll never forget. This is not your average gap year experience.

You may not believe it yet, but a gap year in Fiji with Think Pacific is going to bring more memories, friends and new experiences than you could ever imagine. We see the same impact time and again; gap year students head out to Fiji with nervous excitement and return inspired, brimming with confidence and bursting with pride at their achievements.

Our programs are in partnership with the Fijian Government to ensure our volunteering is sustainable, structured and part of a bigger picture. If you’re planning a gap year to learn, grow and make new friends via a real and true experience, then step this way for a once in a lifetime adventure! Think Pacific could be exactly what you’ve been searching for.

Project at a Glance...
  • Largest Volunteer Project to the South Pacific.
  • Meaningful Programs in the Fiji Islands.
  • In Partnership with Fijian Government.
  • Complete cultural immersion in rural village.
  • Live with a traditional Fijian family.
  • Work on Youth, Sports, Health, or Engineering Projects.
  • Achieve personal growth, develop soft skills and challenge your expectations.
  • Project Fees include; food, accommodation, 24/7 in-country support, weekend adventures, domestic travel, charity donation (flights not included).
  • Expedition Costs from £1,345 / $2,795 AUD / $1,800 USD / $2,400 CAD / €1,650 EUR (see dates & costs).
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Why Join a Gap Year Program With Think Pacific?
Here's the 6 Reasons Why Volunteering in Fiji is So Extraordinary
1. Contribution
Support the Fijian Ministry and work with children and local youths in remote communities, assisting with a range of sports, education, extra-curricular, health and holistic health aims, which are developing the skills, self-esteem and confidence of young Fijians and achieving the Fiji's National Development Goals.
2. Challenge
Expand your comfort zone by throwing yourself into a “back-to-basics” way of life, as you live with a Fijian family at the heart of a traditional village and sample a simpler way of life. Students return with increased resourcefulness, resilience and more understanding of global development issues.
3. Learn
Swap your day job or exams and course work for fascinating Fijian customs and the communal way of life! Develop greater global awareness and a new perspective on life. Learn about the unique Fijian culture as you live and work with local people in the remotest corner of the earth.
4. Experience
Gain hands on experience and transfer your studies and extra-curricular passions as you learn and implements our programs alongside Fijian youths. Also, educate and coach children through our sports and after school club programs. The experience is something students treasure as you support young people to grow and develop.
5. Skills
Develop your teamwork, leadership & communication skills. We deliver aims for the Fijian Government (The Ministries of Health, Youth & Sports), which contribute towards national targets. This is something to shout about to employers when you return, developing your CV and expertise.
6. Memories
Create memories and friendships that last a life time. Most join our project on their own & return with a new group of amazing friends. We love the fact that TP becomes a highlight of people's gap year and something they always look back upon with so much pride.
Volunteer Stories
Hear From Those Who Have Volunteered Before You...
Why Choose Think Pacific?
Learn What Makes Us So Unique

Think Pacific is dedicated to Fiji. We believe to make a global impact; you need a local approach.

Only Fiji

All our focus is on Fiji.

Remote & Real

Go where only we can take you.

Teams Only

Teams of up to 25 students.

Fijian Charity

Sustainable & based in-country.

Fijian Government

Officially partnered with Government.

Choose Your Program...
Volunteer with a Team of Like-Minded Students

Click the project below that interests you most to learn more about the project; aims, itinerary, costs, dates and what you can gain from the experience.

16-Day Volunteer Expedition
Ou Shortest Experience

Step off the tourist trail and deliver high impact volunteering. Our 16-Day volunteer expedition is designed to provide you with a once in a lifetime experience, whilst supporting sustainable development within rural communities in Fiji.  Joining a 1-month expedition team means you will spend 3 and-a-half weeks living at the heart of a traditional Fijian village, whilst working with youths and children across a wide range of project aims.

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1-Month Volunteer Expedition
Our Most Popular Experience

Our 1-month expedition is a team adventure jam-packed with culture, ethics and unique experiences. This expedition is for enthusiastic individuals who want to learn, contribute, meet like-minded people & challenge themselves. Joining a 1-month expedition team means you will spend 3 and-a-half weeks living at the heart of a traditional Fijian village, whilst working with youths and children across a wide range of project aims.

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2-Month Volunteer Expedition
Our Biggest Experience

Our 2-month expedition is a tough, eye opening and immensely rewarding journey. Volunteer on wide range of aims that include; community, building, youth, health and sports initiatives. This expedition means you can create deeper connections, achieve bigger rewards and learn even more about the ‘kaiviti’ culture. It is for those with a positive mindset, passion to learn, personal drive and commitment to making a real contribution.

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Sports Camp
Sports Coaching

Join a pioneering program that provides a truly unique experience for children living in the rural areas of Fiji, in partnership with the Ministry of Youth & Sports. Plan, prepare and deliver a fun, engaging & exciting sports camp during the school summer holiday period for a large group of very enthusiastic and appreciative children.

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Mental Health Project
Promote Mental Health

We all know that work experience is highly valued in the psychology sector. But what if you could gain hands-on experience in the realm of mental health, whilst making a phenomenal impact at a community level? With our mental health placement you can achieve both!

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Building Project
Build a Health Centre

Join an engineering project that works in partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Health to create nursing stations or health centres to expand the provision of medical care and increase the capacity of the local nurses and health teams. Create the building with your team from the foundations to the opening ceremony and village celebration.

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What Can You Achieve on a TP Project?

Our project requires you to challenge yourself, adopt a new culture and form new friendships as you develop your global experience and increase your;

  • Cultural Awareness; Broadening cultural knowledge.
  • Connections; Strangers become valued colleagues, friends and family.
  • Leadership Sills; Drive international development aims.
  • Team Work; Collaborate with volunteers from around the world and Fijians.
  • Resilience; Achieve through basic conditions, limited resources & culture shock.
  • Confidence; Gained through group activities and workshops.
  • Appreciation; Acquire a new perspective, value your opportunities & learn from Fijian mentality.
What Skills Do I Need?
A Think Pacific project is open to all students.

You don’t need any prior experience to join a project.

You will, however, need a thirst for experiencing your chosen program in a global context, alongside a desire to learn and implement new skills – whilst working together with Fijian students and youths.

Is a TP Project For You?

Our projects are specifically designed to provide you with the opportunity to either; achieve hands on experience in your future field of study or to be a self-developing adventure. Here’s some great questions to help you discover see if one of our projects is a good fit for you;

  • Want to get off the tourist trail and truly connect with a country?
  • Looking to share a journey with a group of like-minded young people?
  • Want to explore & experience remote & traditional communities?
  • Looking to develop your global understanding and cultural awareness?
  • Want to gain practical experience in your future field of study?
  • Are you keen to challenge yourself and make a real impact at a grassroots level?
Our Gap Year Programs
Crafted by the Fiji Experts Are...
Team Experiences

Join a team of up to 25 like-minded students and instantly become part of a new group of friends as you share something special together. The bonds you make will last a life-time.


Our gap year programs are certainly no holiday. It’s a real challenge. It’s been said that life begins at the edge our comfort zone. You’ll come home with more confidence, new leadership skills and a greater global understanding.

Safe & Supported

Our expeditions are guided with 24/7 care and dedication. Fiji is all we know and love. From our experienced leaders who guide your project each day to our management team in Fiji and the UK,  you’ll receive unrivalled support.


Cultural Immersion

Every project is located in a rural setting. Journey to a remote village and fully immerse yourself in the cultures and customs of the traditional ‘kaiviti’ lifestyle. We ask you to adhere to the highest standard of Fijian culture as we celebrate and preserve such a special way of life.

Real Contribution

Volunteering during your university summer is one of the most purposeful and rewarding things you can do. Our expeditions are partnered with the Fijian Government which means you are supporting national aims and objectives.

Incredible Adventure

So many of our volunteers state their experiences in Fiji are ‘life changing’ and they meet people they’ll stay in touch with forever.  You’ll broaden your horizons and forever be proud that you accomplished something so unique.

Choose Your Program
Join a Youth, Sports, Health or Building Project
Find the Perfect Project for you...

Explore our range of youth, health, sports or building projects to find the project that suits your passions, interests and previous experiences. Click a project below to learn more about the;

  • Projects aims
  • Project partners
  • Project itinerary
  • Project costs
  • Project dates
  • What you can gain from the experience

Team Challenge + Cultural Immersion + Contribution = Huge Personal Growth

If you have any questions about our program, please don’t hesitate to contact the TP team on

More Volunteer Stories For You...
Not Your Average Volunteer Projects

Whether you join a construction project or a sports projects, you will be supporting aims set out in the Fiji National Development Plan, through our formal partnerships with;

  • Fijian Ministry of Health
  • Fijian Ministry of Youth & Sports
  • Fiji National Sports Commission
  • Fiji National University
  • Youth Champs 4 Mental Health
  • NSO’s: Fiji Rugby Union, Athletics Fiji, NRL Fiji, Netball Fiji, Cricket Fiji
Contact one our Fiji experts to get your questions answered.
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