The Benefits of Becoming a Global Citizen

Published 05/02/2020

In an increasingly-globalised world, the focus on individuals to become more globally-minded is greater than ever before.

Those who have an understanding of the wider-world and share a sense of responsibility for the planet as a whole are considered ‘global citizens’. They have firm belief in the positive impact we can all have when it comes to important global issues such as social injustice, equality and creating a sustainable environment.

Here at Think Pacific, we work closely with our partner universities to help facilitate the significant concept of ‘global citizenship’ by offering international experiences, both in country and virtually, that encourage young people to take an active role in Fijian communities. We value and respect diversity and believe a project with Think Pacific allows all of our interns and volunteers to develop the knowledge and skills needed to engage with the wider-world at both a local and global level and become ‘global-citizens’.

To further understand the concept of global citizenship, let’s delve a little deeper into the reasons why we believe it to be of such great importance for students and in protecting our incredible planet for future generations.

Importance of Global Citizenship

Greater awareness of global issues and challenges

Through international experiences, individuals develop a greater awareness of the challenges faced by different parts of the world. In turn, this can encourage young people to think more deeply about the impact of their decisions and activities on other parts of the world.

At Think Pacific we offer a range of experiences, including, virtual internshipsmental health placements and sports camp projects; each of which encourage our volunteers to grow their knowledge of issues facing Fijian Government Ministries, Businesses and remote Fijian communities. With knowledge comes power and the inspiration young people may need to make their voices heard on important global issues.

Broaden Horizons

Those individuals who seek to broaden their horizons through global citizenship can see themselves involved in a variety of projects on a local, national or global level. Their experiences can better equip them at challenging social injustice, ignorance and become more skilled at understanding the ethics and impacts of their decisions on the world in which we live.

The result of broadened horizons and those who fight to make a positive difference can be a fairer, safer world for everyone.

Develop knowledge and expertise

A whole host of essential skills can be developed through immersing yourself into different communities on a global level. These skills are not only transferable to the workplace but also to life in general and can help prepare students for challenges associated with the fast-pace of a quickly developing world.

A project with Think Pacific will build on a huge range of essential skills and values; communication, collaboration, decision-making, critical-thinking to name only a few!

Learn More About Think Pacific

In our quickly-developing world, the need for ‘global citizens’, whose desire to nurture and care for the world in which we live, has never been greater. We firmly believe that through international exposure, students and young people instinctively feel a greater connection to the wider-world and inspired to make a positive difference to our planet for generations to come. For more information on what makes a Think Pacific project so unique and unforgettable, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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