Public Health

Towards a Healthy Fiji
Healthy Communities, in Healthy Settings

When communities are healthy, they can achieve great things.

Use your enthusiasm, passion and energy to support public health aims set out by Fiji’s National Development Goals.

You’ll help create awareness around diets and healthy lifestyles, as well as facilitating exercise classes. You will also have the chance to assist with surveys to help gain a deeper understanding of the health of these rural communities so better healthcare can be provided to them.

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Health Challanges

From access to clean water, to rising NCDs, there are challenges facing Fijians that need addressing. With the worst diabetes mortality rate in the world, change needs to happen now.

Our programs aim to promote and advocate a healthy lifestyle and support the Ministry of Health through data collection, observation, support, and setting up bespoke initiatives. Together, we can help work towards healthier communities.

Like many regions around the world, it is the rural communities that often don’t have the same access to knowledge, support and intervention. Being located in rural settings, we are perfectly positioned to reach the hard-to-reach people.

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NCDs and Diabetes

Noncommunicable diseases and diabetes are on the rise in Fiji. A change in lifestyle and diet has led to a rapid increase in those living with such illnesses.  

Fiji has the highest diabetes mortality rate in the world, with an estimated 33% of the population being diabetic.

Denial and a lack of understanding are thought to be key drivers in Fiji’s diabetes problem.

By working alongside the Ministry of Health, our aim is to help increase awareness around these health challenges and look to support the health sector in tackling this head on. 

Diet, healthy lifestyle and exercise can reverse the current trend in NCDs and diabetes, and keep Fijians living happy, healthy lives.

How Can You Support Fiji's Health?
Helping create a healthier Fiji

Use your passion and energy to make an impact on Fiji’s health. This is a hands-on, experiential component of project that will be deeply rewarding. Help spread awareness around health challenges facing Fiji as well as facilitating activities to promote better health, such as sports and exercise.


You will learn and discuss the challenges facing health in the South Pacific. This will follow by learning how to implement awareness campaigns and activities to promote healthier diets and lifestyles.


You will collaborate with local groups and health professionals to address health objectives set out in Fiji’s National Development Plan.


Empower local Fijians to prioritise their health. Through awareness workshops and healthy activities, you can help Fijian’s create healthier behaviours and lifestyle choices.

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The Type of Activities Involved

Empower local communities to prioritise their health. Assist in awareness and advocacy campaigns to create openness and transparency around health challenges in the Fiji Islands.


Help conduct vital research to assist the Ministry of Health with surveys and other data collection methods.


Facilitating activities that promote a healthy lifestyle is vital to help reduce NCDs and other prominent health challenges in Fiji. Use your passion and energy to help run sports coaching sessions and exercise classes for Fijians.

Outreach Campaigns

Being located in rural Fiji, you’ll be perfectly positioned to help assist in reaching hard-to-reach Fijians. This is a key aspect of Fiji’s National Development Plan.

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