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In Partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Fiji National Sports Commission, we use sports coaching sessions to tackle relevant social issues in the rural communities of Fiji. In accordance with the Fiji National Development plan, we promote Health and Physical Activity to reduce the increasing levels of NCDs and obesity. Our Sports Program facilitates youth to youth engagement, develops skills and provides a platform to contribute across the wider community. Whatever your sporting interest, there is a role you can play in collaborating with the local youths to create a sustainable change through sport and physical activity. 

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Watch our video and see how you could contribute through sport and what our volunteers thought of playing and coaching different sports in Fiji.

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Share Your Skills and Passion for Sport

Use your passion for sport to engage the community youth group and foster messages of the importance of health & physical activity as part of a bigger government program of holistic development. Whatever your sporting interest, let us know and we can use your skills to make the best impact to sports development in the rural communities.


Develop your leadership capacity through peer to peer sessions with the village youth group in a range of selected sports.


Promote a youth friendly environment where young people can feel a sense of belonging, self-worth and personal satisfaction through participation and peer interaction.


We provide opportunities for you and the youth group members to improve your levels of personal and social responsibility through active involvement in sports coaching sessions. 

A Sporting Culture

If Sport is your thing, then be prepared to fall in love with Fijian life very quickly. Sport is a huge part of the culture and the village green is filled daily with games of rugby and volleyball. Project offers the opportunity to introduce more sports such as rounders, netball, football and many more, providing a fun way to end a big day of project. There may also be the opportunity to pull on a kit and represent your village, taking to the field creates incredible strong bonds with your teammates and it’s is something you’ll always remember!

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The Sports Highlights On Project
In 2016, though the implementation of our governing partners programs, sports participation increased by 600% on our projects
Sports Outreach Clinics

Alongside the community youth group, you will deliver structured sports coaching sessions to communities further afield from the one you are staying in

Community Competition

Support the local Youth Group with their local community fixtures in rugby and netball. However, if the competition does not exist then there will be an opportunity to collaborate with the local youths to create a lasting legacy.

Fighting Relevant Social Issues

‘Physical activity is crucial for preventive health care and prevention of NCDs.’ Fiji National Development Plan, 3.1.6

Sporting Excellence

Talented Athletes and Youth Group members are highlighted for further programmes through Think Pacific and the National Sports Commission.

Government Backed

Our projects are in direct partnership with the Fijian Ministry of Youth and Sport and the Fiji National Sports Commission, which allows us to work in some of the most rural communities.

Minority Sports

As part of our MOU with the Fiji National Sports Commission, our projects provide opportunity for the rural communities to actively participate in different sports outside of rugby and netball.

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Does coaching sport in the rural communities of Fiji sound like the perfect project for you?