TP Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision
Inspired young leaders, positively impacting local and global challenges.
Our Mission
Empowering Fijian youths to achieve the goals of the Fiji National Development Plan. Through the highest standard of ethical volunteering.
Our Core Beliefs
1. Partnerships
Collaborations at all levels of planning, preparation and implementation.
2. Learning
Emphasis on learning and understanding, before contributing.
3. Focus
Only Fiji. Our focus upon Fiji creates meaningful relationships and specific local outcomes.
The TP Values
These are the values we ask every staff member & volunteer to live by…


1 . Passion; Drive the success of TP’s vision, mission and development.

2 . Mindset; Always be a positive role model by seeking solutions and outcomes.

3 . Resilience; Can achieve goals and motivate others, despite new and challenging environments.

4 . Humility; Be humble, respectful and mindful in all that we do.

5 . Accountability; Always take responsibility for our energy, impact and standards.

6 . Collaboration; Value working together. Always champion & support others.

7 . Aspiration; Always aspiring to improve, become better and achieve more.

Some of Our Partners...